Wilson & Miller Ultimate Tactical Axe - Metallic Black

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Facing the great outdoors requires a compact, multi-functional, all-in-one tool for maximum efficiency. Wilson & Miller’s Ultimate Tactical Axe will do just that, preparing you for any wilderness defence and survival techniques to come back out on top. The portable, heavy-duty Ultimate prepares you for everything you need—even in life-threatening combats. Predominantly used as an axe for swinging at wood, digging holes, opening stiff doors, or as a tool in self-defence, the tool does much more to aid your outdoor battles.

Constructed from black stainless steel with an aluminium handle, the Ultimate Tactical Axe will protect and support you, whilst withstanding pounds of abuse from its well-formatted sturdy materials. The survival kit also functions as a rope cutter, can opener, bottle opener, a saw and a knife blade. If you’re camping out at night, use the axe and fire stick to set up a light near your tent or to cook a fresh catch. When in trouble, use the whistle to draw help from others or to deflect the attention from the predator. If you ever find yourself trapped inside a car or house, use the glass breaker to escape through the windows or front door of the property.

Wilson & Miller’s Ultimate Tactical Axe is a must for outdoor adrenaline junkies. Use the tool to chop, hunt, start fires, make shelter, defend oneself against attack, fish, break free from a dangerous situation, and any other necessary outdoor techniques for Ultimate survival. Take it with you if you’re out on a camping expedition, or keep it in your vehicle or at home for emergencies. Brave the toughest situations with this Wilson & Miller Ultimate Tactical Axe for a quick breakthrough from the most dangerous and hostile situations.


  • Ultimate multi-use survival tool
  • Axe, rope cutter, can opener, bottle opener, saw, knife blade, fire stick, whistle, glass breaker
  • Dimensions: 17.8”×6.3”×1.2”
  • Weight: 1.74lbs
  • Aviation-grade aluminium handle
  • Black stainless steel head
  • Rugged, ultra-tough axe
  • High impact axe-head
  • Magnesium fire starter to light a bonfire, keep warm
  • Survival whistle
  • Emergency window break cone
  • Percentage of profits directed to the Support Our Troops foundation


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