Wilson & Miller FieldForce 20V 2700spm Cordless Jigsaw

The Wilson & Miller FieldForce 20V 2700spm Cordless Jigsaw is heavy-duty workhorse that can blaze through wood, metal, and plastic, delivering a whopping 2700 strokes per minute to command the field.

Make curved, straight, cross and plunge cuts, with an adjustable three-step pendulum action and a fine-cut setting for more demanding jobs. The steel base plate comes with a detachable sliding block that can be swiveled to both sides (up to 45°) for miter cutting. Exchange tools without breaking a sweat – the quick-release chuck swaps between bits, in a matter of seconds.

This must-have power tool can cut up to depths of 8mm in aluminum, 10mm in plastic, 80mm in wood, and 5mm in metal. Build a house or barn, repair a leaky roof, lay wraparound decking, the Wilson & Miller FieldForce 20V 2700spm is the ultimate jigsaw, packing in the cutting power of a turbocharged hacksaw with the durability of a construction saw. Take on whatever the world throws at you.

  • Powerful 20V, 1500mAh lithium-ion jigsaw
  • No memory effect and no self-discharge battery
  • No-load speed: 0-2700spm
  • Stroke: 20mm
  • Cutting capacity: 80mm in wood, 8mm in aluminum, 10mm in plastic, and 5mm in metal
  • Dust blow function, connect to vacuum for dust removal
  • Multi-device battery – compatible with Wilson & Miller hammer drill
  • 4-step switch: three stages for pendulum action plus one fine-cut setting
  • Base plate made of steel with detachable sliding block
  • Swivel base plate to both sides in increments of 15° (max. 45°) for miter cutting
  • Quick-release chuck for tool-free saw blade exchange
  • Anti-splinter guard
  • Integrated LED work lamp
  • Rubber inlays in the housing for extra firm hold
  • 3-stage battery level indication
  • Percentage of profits directed to the Support Our Troops foundation

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