Dual-Lock Tamper-Proof Home Safe

Secure your cash, valuables and documents at home or office with the Dual-Lock Tamper-Proof Home Safe from Wilson & Miller. The safe is crafted from high-grade steel with a dual-lock system featuring a programmable electronic code, and an emergency key for manual override.

The minimalist design is discreet and effective – a compact security system to protect your cash and valuable personal items against thieves and intruders. 

The body of the safe is made from a single, seamless piece of quality, low-carbon steel, molded into the desired shape. Hard, rigid and of good tensile strength, the safe is difficult to force open. The safe doors are crafted from 4mm high-quality, low-carbon steel in a tailor-made mold and designed to be tamper-proof.

The door gaps are designed to be so tiny that no tools can be used to pry it open. The safe door opens up to 120 degrees to accommodate larger items. The safe can fit a 14” laptop horizontally. Features a removable shelf and two anchor screws for mounting the safe onto a wall or inside a cabinet. 

  • Deter thieves and intruders from stealing your hard-earned valuables 
  • Set your own code on the digital keypad 
  • Enhanced 8-digit security protection 
  • Dual-lock system: Programmable electronic lock with emergency key for manual override   
  • Digital keypad requires four AA batteries, and includes a battery backup system 
  • Typically long battery life, unit does not use much battery power on a regular basis 
  • Anchoring wall-mounting kit included to prevent unauthorized removal 
  • Loud alarm sounds when wrong passcode is entered 
  • Vibration alarm mode: loud alarm sounds when safe is moved or shaken 
  • Displays openor locked on LED screen

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