Wilson & Miller HeavyDuty Tool Seat

Being on-the-job has never been more efficient, thanks to the Wilson & Miller HeavyDuty Tool Seat, which takes a multi-functional approach to its seemingly simple design.

The seat comes with a range of purposes for heavy-duty garage work, allowing you to grab all your tools within less than an arm’s length. A trusted companion for every manual job, the seat is equipped with two pull-out compartments which glide in and out, even when weighted with heavy objects.

Equip yourself with all your essential tools and kit in these convenient compartments for quick access during the toughest jobs. Fill each drawer with screws, drill bits, sockets, and whatever else you need for maximum efficiency.

The seat is fixed with wheels, to allow you to transport yourself across the room at a quick pace to ensure no time is wasted. The Wilson & Miller HeavyDuty Tool Seat prepares you for the most demanding jobs, so you can haul all your heavy-duty essentials wherever you need to be. But no job is complete without a fresh can of beer—the seat facilitates this with its easy beverage cup holders which can hold up to two drinks.

You can crack open a beer and get the job done with a refreshing brew—or two. Whether you choose to store the multi-functional seat in the garage or in a workspace, it will prepare you for even the toughest of jobs. Wilson & Miller is proud to donate a part of every purchase towards supporting American troops and families.

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