The Wilson & Miller 45QT Cooler

Round up your thickest cuts of steak, juicy burgers, and pork chops—you’re having a barbecue.

But no feast is complete without fresh cans of beer, booze, and iced mixers, which is where The Wilson & Miller 45QT Cooler comes in.

Ideal for large group gatherings, this 45QT beast keeps all the beverages you need cool for up to five days of ice retention for easy storage and serving guests with cold drinks.

Pack everything from ice and vegetables to beers and juices, to keep them fresh and cold when serving, paired with a juicy slab of meat directly from the grill.

Holding up to 42.5 litres of beverages, the cooler is rendered in a durable, stylish outer casing for everyday use.

Equipped with heavy-duty handles, you can take the cooler wherever you need to go, whether for a week-long outdoor camping trip or to a mate’s house for boy’s night.

The Wilson & Miller 45QT Cooler is an essential tool for every household and ensures that efficiency and durability come first.

Wilson & Miller is proud to donate a part of every purchase towards supporting American troops and families.

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