Patriot's 25oz California Hammer with Carbon Steel Head & Hickory Handle

The Wilson & Miller Patriot’s 25oz. California Hammer with Carbon Steel Head & Hickory Handle is a rugged, extra-strength hammer to last a lifetime. Swing and smash almost anything with ease.

The handle features a war hammer head and a near indestructible claw, which works as an effective breaching and defensive tool. This hammer comes with a tried-and-true all-natural hickory handle that lets you frame and disassemble, with a heavy-hitting swing.

The reinforced carbon steel head delivers a whopping blow. Nothing beats the feeling of sinking a nail in two clean hits. Wilson & Miller is proud to donate a part of every purchase towards supporting American troops and their families.

  • Ultra-tough carbon steel head
  • High-grade hickory handle
  • Sturdy claw for quick nail removal
  • Quality build, balance and feel
  • California hammer
  • 75 inches
  • Support Our Troops – Percentage of profits directed to the Support Our Troops foundation

 Wilson & Miller supports American soldiers and their families. Each year a percentage of our profits are donated to to show our continued support for the brave men and women who risk their lives to protect our freedom. We salute those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our great country.

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