Heavy-Duty, Two-Speed Meat Grinder

Make your own ground meat with the Wilson & Miller, Heavy-Duty Meat Grinder. Grinding your own meat lets you know exactly what’s been added so you can stay away from the fillers and additives that grocery stores usually add. 

The Wilson & Miller, Heavy-Duty Meat Grinder is designed as a top-quality grade electric grinder for home chefs who like fresh ground meat. The powerful 3000W motor is engineered to outperform other models and uses 2 speeds for optimal grinding power. In fact, you can grind over 265 pounds of meat per hour. And you have you choice of Fine, Medium, or Coarse grinding modes. 

You can easily make 3 different sizes of sausages with the included sausage maker set. And the Wilson & Miller, Heavy-Duty Meat Grinder features a large capacity metal hopper with a finger-safe food pusher to make grinding one of the easiest culinary endeavors you can try. An electronic control panel with LED lights is easy to read and use. Finally, an automatic reverse function helps keep the grinder chute clear so you can continue grinding without stopping. 

Made from top quality materials to last a lifetime, the luxury die-cast body cover gives the Wilson & Miller, Heavy-Duty Meat Grinder a tasteful appearance, and stainless steel is used throughout the accessories for the optimal performance.  

  • Powerful 3000W grinder motor 
  • 2 speed motor 
  • Choose from Fine, Medium, or Coarse grinding modes 
  • Three sizes of sausage-suffers 
  • Large capacity metal hopper with finger-safe food pusher 
  • Electronic control with LED lights 
  • Grinds 4.4 pounds of meat in one minute

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